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Message from Ambassador McCarthy

I would like to welcome U.S. and Lithuanian businesses to this site to learn about trade and investment opportunities in both countries.  As we prepare to begin discussions to deepen U.S.-EU integration significantly through the Trade and Investment Partnership, it is important to reaffirm the key role that trade and investment play in promoting economic growth.

The United States Embassy in Vilnius helps American companies export to Lithuania, helps Lithuanian companies invest in the United States, and encourages policies that support and protect U.S. investment.  In this effort, we provide advice and counsel to companies and press for policies and regulations that establish a level and fair playing field.  We work with key partners here in Lithuania, regionally, at the EU level and across the Atlantic to encourage business growth and opportunity.

Our team of professionals at the embassy, including the political-economic, consular and public affairs sections, focus on this broad commercial engagement agenda.  We work closely with Lithuanian authorities so that U.S. companies can compete, collaborate to enhance the investment climate, and promote trade to boost U.S. exports to the country and the region, in line with the objectives of our National Export Initiative.  We seek opportunities to enhance contacts between Lithuanian and American entrepreneurs, as they seek to foster innovation and growth in both of our economies. 

We look forward to collaborating with business and welcome suggestions for improving our services.

Recent Events

  • The Case for a Trans-Atlantic Economic Partnership
    The Case for a Trans-Atlantic Economic Partnership

    Ambassador Kurt Tong (November 25): "Together we face a once-in-a-generation opportunity: to establish a model for smarter, more effective, and more efficient trade and investment globally." 

  • Why the Baltics Should Care About TTIP
    Why the Baltics Should Care About TTIP

    Charles Ries (November 25): "Once in a generation do we get the opportunity to bring off such an agreement that will reinforce the strong European-American security relationship. It will bring economic opportunity and faster growth to our peoples, reinforce the leadership of the U.S. and the EU in the global economy." 

  • TTIP: A transatlantic Bridge for Worldwide Gains
    TTIP: A transatlantic Bridge for Worldwide Gains

    Swedish Ambassador Jonas Hafström (November 25): "We, in Europe, are experiencing an almost unprecedented interest in TTIP from the public, civil society organisations, business and labour." 

  • TTIP: A Strategic Opportunity
    TTIP: A Strategic Opportunity

    On November 25th, U.S. Embassy Vilnius held an international conference "The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: A Strategic Opportunity", which gathered together diplomatic corps as well as representatives of government and business to discuss effect of the TTIP on the region.  Video »

  • Lithuanian Startups Lead the Way Toward Economic Prosperity
    Lithuanian Startups Lead the Way Toward Economic Prosperity

    Ambassador McCarthy (August 18): "We believe innovation is a key engine for global prosperity. And it is crucial to our international cooperation on numerous global challenges such as climate change and energy security. " 

  • U.S. And European Economic Partnership
    U.S. And European Economic Partnership

    On June 19th, Ambassador McCarthy participated it a conference commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industries, where she spoke about the U.S. and European economic partnership in light of global economic trends. 

  • No Longer Business as Usual: U.S. Sanctions
    No Longer Business as Usual: U.S. Sanctions

    President Obama has issued three Executive Orders and we have imposed targeted sanctions on three tranches of persons most directly involved in destabilizing Ukraine and those who have provided material support to Russian leadership. 

  • FAS Attache Michael Henney Attends AgroBalt Exbition
    FAS Attache Michael Henney Attends AgroBalt Exbition

    On April 4th, Foreign Agricultural Service's Attache Michael Henney visited Lithuania to participate in AgroBalt, the largest agricultural exhibition in the Baltic region. Mr. Henney shared his thoughts about possibilities for U.S.-Lithuanian cooperation in agricultural business and prospects of the growing agricultural markets of the Baltic region. 

  • New Opportunities for Lithuanian Startups
    New Opportunities for Lithuanian Startups

    On January 9th, Ambassador McCarthy participated in a press conference organized by the largest business accelerator in Baltics, "Startup Highway", which officially announced a new partnership between "Startup Highway" and one of the best universities in the world - UC Berkley.  Photo Gallery »

  • DAS Murray visits Lithuania
    DAS Murray visits Lithuania

    On December 7th, Department of Commerce Deputy Assistant Secretary visited Lithuania and toured Kinze Manufacturing. 

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